Pink my ride!

We’ve all been there, you break up with your significant other and are left feeling miserable and wondering what to do with yourself, and then it hits you, why not hand-paint a car with nail varnish?!

Well ok, perhaps we haven’t been quite there, but that’s what David Sheath has pledged to do since breaking up with his girlfriend, and he’s vowed not to leave his studio until he’s finished.

It’s estimated it’ll take over 200 pots of nail varnish and a whopping 240,000 brush strokes to turn an ordinary looking white Fiat 500 into a work of art fit for Barbie. I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise that the vehicle was supplied by Fiat, but it’s still a nifty idea to raise awareness of their limited edition pink Fiat 500, which is only available online.

You can check out Davids progress here

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