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Pink my ride!

We’ve all been there, you break up with your significant other and are left feeling miserable and wondering what to do with yourself, and then it hits you, why not hand-paint a car with nail varnish?! Well ok, perhaps we haven’t been quite there, but that’s what David Sheath has pledged to do since breaking … Continue reading

“Happiness Machine” coming to a campus near you?

Ever wanted more from you’re college vending machine? Well now Coke brings you the Happiness Machine. This nifty little video shows what happens when Coke planted a special vending machine in the middle of a college campus – well that’s one way of getting attention I guess!

If I were this guy I’d want to hide!

The next installment of Ray-Bans “Never Hide” viral has been launched, showing just how far some people will go for their 15 minutes of fame. Matthew decided to have his favourite Ray Bans “tattooed” onto his face as part of the campaign, you can see the outcome on the video. I’m skeptical as to how … Continue reading