Posted in January 2010

Pink my ride!

We’ve all been there, you break up with your significant other and are left feeling miserable and wondering what to do with yourself, and then it hits you, why not hand-paint a car with nail varnish?! Well ok, perhaps we haven’t been quite there, but that’s what David Sheath has pledged to do since breaking … Continue reading

A picture is worth a thousand words….

Or all out public outrage in this case! Back in November 2009, the Toronto Transport Company (TTC) announced that they would be raising fares by a quarter as of January 3rd, along with a price hike for Toronto Metropasses. This move was particularly unpopular with Toronto’s citizens, especially as many have been frustrated with the … Continue reading

Anyone want to join my bid for Eurovision success?

Is it wrong that receiving this email has inspired me to form a super band like the T-Mobile advert and audition? It can’t be any worse than Jordan in her skin tight PVC catsuit surely? So…..does anyone want to join my band? I am highly skilled at the Kazoo and the triangle ;)

Zombies hit Miami….apparently!

I’m not really sure what to make of this one just yet…..though I suspect this guy has had more than one too many E numbers! On December 14, one man woke up to find himself in a world infested with zombies, well he’s tweeting like it is anyway. His Twitter bio states “Zombies are everywhere … Continue reading

Hello Fail Whale….

Boo it appears the fail whale is here to stay……..well it is on my laptop anyway! It’s been 10 minutes now, what is going on? First Google and China, then YouTube suffers downtime and now Twitter? Coincidence? Fail Whale I think you’re pretty awesome and all, but please go away now so I can do … Continue reading

Is the Twitter goldrush upon us?

It looks like we’re about to see the biggest online land grab since the Facebook vanity URL rush last year, well we will if rumour is to be believed. Apparently Twitter are set to release all inactive or deleted usernames back into the public domain soon, meaning there could be some highly sought after usernames … Continue reading

I heart geek jewellery!

Eeek I’m so excited! I’ve just received an email saying my necklace is being shipped, so hopefully it won’t be long until it’s here. If you like what you see you can get your own “Twitterati” necklace from Etsy

Ford’s bluetooth is knot to be forgotten

Hate the way your earphones and other cables get tangled when you leave them loose for 5 minutes? Sadly I’m not here to offer a solution, however I am loving the latest advertising campaign from Ford set to highlight the perks of using it’s bluetooth technology. Fords clever twist (pun intended) on a situation most … Continue reading

“Happiness Machine” coming to a campus near you?

Ever wanted more from you’re college vending machine? Well now Coke brings you the Happiness Machine. This nifty little video shows what happens when Coke planted a special vending machine in the middle of a college campus – well that’s one way of getting attention I guess!

Another Monday, another favourite site!

Where do the weekends go at the moment? No sooner had I packed the car up and headed back to Surrey did I find myself packing back up and heading back to London……craziness! Nonetheless I had a great weekend of far too many lattes, girly gossip and home-cooked food…..yum! And now onto the start of … Continue reading

From Chav to Glunge?

Yes it’s a girly fashion post but despite hating Burberry after it’s chavvy descent in the 90s I really, really want one of these right now. In fact I’m also quite partial to the watch too. Definitely very on-trend right now and perfect for that “Glunge” look…….nope i’m still not comfortable with that term either! … Continue reading

Wanna catch 12 seconds of me?

Ok so I’ve decided to be brave and create a 12 seconds account, honestly this has nothing to do with my sexy-ass Flip HD camera that I got for Christmas…….well ok, maybe a little bit! But hey, this girl doesn’t just make videos for anyone! I’ll try and put my first video up over the … Continue reading

My new favourite blog!

I stumbled across this a few days ago and had to stifle my giggles (I was at work!) as I read through it. I’ve even found some compassion for all my friends back home who are complaining (!) about the snow back there by promptly telling them to check out this site. So what’s got … Continue reading