A picture is worth a thousand words….

Or all out public outrage in this case!

Back in November 2009, the Toronto Transport Company (TTC) announced that they would be raising fares by a quarter as of January 3rd, along with a price hike for Toronto Metropasses. This move was particularly unpopular with Toronto’s citizens, especially as many have been frustrated with the agency’s bad customer service.

However this was made a whole lot worse when Twitter user @OGLE_Toronto took the above photo of a sleeping TTC ticket collector and uploaded it to his Twitpic account receiving over 18,000 views and re-igniting the publics anger at the company, which the local media soon picked up on.

This is just one of many great examples of how social media has evolved in recent years. In this case, one photo managed to reach an audience of millions through the real-time search capabilities of sites like Twitter. It is this same advance in capabilities that enables experiments such as this and helped raise millions of pounds for Haiti.

It’s also worth noting it’s is probably not advisable to sleep on the job, especially if you work in a customer-facing environment!

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