I’m a 20-something English girl with an unnecessary obsession with gaming, beauty, fashion, the great outdoors and my handsome fluffball, Harry. By day I work as a Publicist, by night…well that’s a different story all together ;)

I love giraffes and Chai Tea lattes and am absolutely terrified of clowns.

This is the place I post anything that catches my eye, all the opinions in this blog are purely mine and mine alone and don’t reflect the opinions of any company I may be affiliated with.

For an up to date account of my life follow me on Twitter

DISCLAIMER: Any items marked with an asterisk (*) have been sent/gifted to me for PR purposes i.e. product reviews and features. This also includes items I have received in goody bags at events I’ve attended and also items I have purchased with vouchers or store credit I have received through my blog. That said, I will always give a totally honest opinion and would never accept anything I would not consider buying myself. Sponsored posts will always be stated as such in the caption of the post.

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