Snooping Boyfriend or Girlfriend? There’s an app for that!

See my first thoughts upon hearing about this app were “have you not heard of a passcode?” but anyway, for all of those people who think their partner is snooping through their phone whilst they aren’t looking there’s iTrust.

iTrust is a basic keylogger for the iPhone creating an image of your iPhone homescreen to fool other people into interacting with the app. It then records where people touch on the image so you can see any attempts to read your texts or emails. You can then watch the video playback of the events that took place while you were out of the room………Busted!

This is a fun little app, and for 59p it’s hardly going to break the bank. But if you have serious concerns that your boyfriend or girlfriend is snooping through your phone, perhaps it’s worth questioning if you want to be with someone that doesn’t trust you and spend the 59p on a chocolate bar instead!

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