I’m off to the Big Apple – no passport required!

Wow it seems like an age ago since I last wrote a blog post here, but I do have a reason for my AWOL moment, and no, contrary to the rumours it is not because I’m the girl Brad is leaving Angelina for – I’m not so fickle as to neglect my blog just because a pretty guy has looked my way!

No, the reason for my momentary absence is much bigger and better than that.

Basically, I’m off to the Big Apple, the place where dreams are made, and no I’m not talking about America. I am of course talking about Steve Jobs’ darling, iTunes – even writing this makes me beam like the cheshire cat himself. Yes people, it’s true, in just over a week I will be starting work at iTunes. It is an absolute dream come true, I keep having to pinch myself to check it’s really happening.

So as you can see I’ve been a rather busy girly of late, and in all the excitement of a new job and Social Media Week in London, I’ve also managed to catch the flu, so I am currently writing this from my sick bed, just to prove how very dedicated I am to my blog.

And in case you’ve been missing me this is a picture of me since hearing I got the job.

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