My Haircare Amnesty – My Shampoo & Conditioner Spending Ban

Haircare amnesty shampoo conditioner spending ban

It wasn’t until I started having a bit of a clearout at the weekend that I realised just how many half used bottles of shampoo and conditioner I have. So I’ve put myself on a bit of spending ban when it comes to haircare. I mean just how many shampoos does one girl need?

The rules are simple. I’m not allowed to buy any new shampoos or conditioners until every last drop in my current bottles is gone.

I would list out every shampoo and conditioner I have to use up, but that would be a bit dull and definitely take far too long. Instead I’ll show you what I’ve got to use up.

Here are the shampoos…

Haircare amnesty shampoo conditioner spending banAnd the conditioners…

Haircare amnesty shampoo conditioner spending banI’ll be documenting my progress and my thoughts on each product in my Monthly Empties post.


9 thoughts on “My Haircare Amnesty – My Shampoo & Conditioner Spending Ban

    • Thanks Leanne! I’m really determined to complete this without caving in as we don’t have a big enough bathroom to house all these hair products. Plus I’m still kinda shocked I have so many products! Did you blog about Project Bathroom? xx

  1. I just commented on another blogger who was going the same thing! I did this last year and had a no toiletries spending rule unless it was essential. I did not buy a single conditioner for all of 2012 or body wash! The only exception being a LUSH conditioner bar which i have in stock to use when my last conditioner is done and a few lush face washes to treat a really bad break out. I have no doubt I saved a fortune in 2012 and I wish you luck in your haircare amnesty :D

  2. Ha ha ha this did make me laugh as you left me lots of half used shampoos and conditioners in my cabinet so I too get to use your leftovers lol – bout time you realised how much you have – does that mean you are now a hoarder lol x x x

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