#FebruaryFitness – Wednesday Weigh In and 5 Fitness Tips

fitness february weigh in weight loss tone body gym workout tips[from Pinterest]

My love of alliteration has meant I’ve held off on posting up my current stats until a suitable W related title could be written, thus Wednesday Weigh In was born.

*takes a deep breath*

So my week 1 body stats are as follows:

Weight: 70kg which is around about 11 stone! For years I’ve been a stable 9 stone but since our engagement I seem to have gained more weight than I realised. Hopefully #FebruaryFitness will help me get back on track.

*I also intended to add in my current measurements but I can’t seem to find my tape measure anywhere so this will have to wait til tomorrow.

Now I know reading my body stats isn’t that exciting or interesting, particularly on week 1. So I thought I’d also share with you my top 5 fitness tips.

It’s in the Game

I always find my workout sessions are so much more productive if I’m having fun, which is why I recommend making a game of your fitness routine. Attend a class with a friend (I rate Boxercise!) or take to the streets with my most favourite of fitness apps, Zombies, Run! a fantastic zombie themed game/interval trainer.

Pump up the Jam

I just don’t understand how people can work out without music. For me a banging playlist is as vital as a bottle of water and a pair of trainers. So grab your iPhone/iPod/MP3 player and make yourself a playlist of your favourite tunes. According to the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology the best tempo for moderate cardio exercise soundtracks should be in between 120 to 140 beats per minute (BPM). For high-intensity cardio exercise the tempo should be closer to the 150 beats per minute mark. Below is one of my absolute favourite running tracks.



Keep Hydrated

water workout[from Pinterest]

Whenever I work out a bottle of water is never far away. It sounds really obvious to say it’s vital to stay hydrated when working out but it never ceases to amaze me how many people I see at the gym who complete an entire workout without so much as a drop of water. Studies have also shown that keeping your hands cool during a workout enables the body to exercise for longer, another great reason to clutch a bottle of water every time you hit the gym.

Don’t Overdo it

We’ve all been there, desperate to fit into a dress for a special occasion, or just back in the gym after a couple of weeks off. Either way it’s important to remember not to overdo it during those first few days. It’s incredibly hard to stay motivated when your achy and feeling like the gym is a chore. Instead I tend to mix it up a bit by going to play tennis or hitting the pool for a few laps instead.

Stretch it out

fitness stretch[from Pinterest]

I am the worst person for not stretching after a gym session, but you really should make a habit of taking a few moments to stretch after exercise. Not only will this allow you to take a moment of calm after your workout which helps reduce your heart rate, it’ll also help your muscles recover quicker which in turn will help you see the results of your fitness regime quicker and who doesn’t want to see results fast?

What’s your best fitness tip?

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