Dove Compressed Deodorant* – Do all good things come in small packages?

dove compressed deodorant new review nozzle

I have to level with you and say I hardly ever buy aerosol sprays as I’m always conscious of their impact on the environment, but when Bzzagent offered me the chance to try out the new Dove Compressed deodorant for free I was happy to give it a try.

dove compressed deodorant new review

At half the size of the standard Dove deodorant I imagined this was just another product that had been downsized but still cost the same, if not more than the old size. Dove assure me I’m wrong though, instead they have adapted the nozzle so their cans spray out less gas whilst delivering the same amount of deodorant. In fact Dove claim the Compressed deodorant will last just as long as their old 150ml deodorant. Sounds like a challenge to me!

dove compressed deodorant new review nozzle

I’ve been using this for a week and so far I’m on still on the fence. On the plus side my pits are feeling softer and smoother than usual, but on the downside I’m really struggling with the scent which is a tad to flowery for me and makes me think of old ladies. I’m going to keep going with this though as I’m keen to see just how long this lasts for.

Disclaimer – I am a member of Bzzagent, who sent me the above product to review.

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