Swatched – Rimmel Apocalips in Luna, Celestial & Big Bang

Yesterday the much hyped Apocalips lip lacquer from Rimmel finally hit the shops. I’d intended to hold off on buying them until Friday when I get paid, but when I spotted Boots were running a 3 for 2 offer on them I thought it’d be rude not to buy a couple of them on the day of launch. Particularly when I noticed that Boots were offering £2 off any lipstick over £3 if you’re an advantage card holder. To be honest I really didn’t expect it to work alongside the 3 for 2 offer, but sure enough it did, meaning my three lip lacquers came to just £9.98 or less than £3.40 each!

rimmel apocolips lipstick lip gloss balm lacquer swatch review

First off I have to say how much I love the packaging. The handle is a really cool crystal shape that makes me think of kryptonite (I have no idea why!) and the base shows the colour of the product inside, making it really easy to identify which one you’re picking out if you’re in a hurry. I also love the way that it wipes excess product from the applicator as you remove it from the tube, meaning you’re never left with more product on the wand than you need.

rimmel apocalips lipstick lip gloss balm lacquer swatch reviewI purchased Luna a beautiful peachy nude shade, Celestial a muted rose pink and Big Bang a brighter than bright red which is basically MAC’s Russian Red in lip lacquer form.

rimmel apocalips lipstick lip gloss balm lacquer swatch reviewThey all feature a nicely sized doe foot applicator which makes application a cinch. Honestly I reckon I could apply any of the shades without a mirror and feel confident I didn’t look like a clown.

rimmel apocalips lipstick lip gloss balm lacquer swatch reviewHere are the three colours swatched. Currently it’s hard to choose a favourite but I think Big Bang will be the one I find myself reaching for whenever I want a classic statement lip.

I was amazed at how thick and creamy these were when swatched and felt sure this would translate to the typically sticky lips you get when wearing gloss. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised that not one hair affixed itself to my lips whilst wearing them which is a massive plus in my opinion.

Have you tried any of the Rimmel Apocalips yet? I’ve already got my eye on Nude Eclipse, Stellar and Galaxy!

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