Mac Hey, Sailor! Powder Blush Swatches – Launch Away! & Fleet Fast

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of you stumbling across my blog for the first time recently have done so because of my swatches of Mac’s Crew Highlighter from the Hey, Sailor! collection. Personally, I’ve not been a big fan of this collection as the two items I wanted to get ended up being a duds. Sail La Vie was very similar to another lipstick I own (such are the woes of being a red, orange and coral obssessive!) and I did a full review of my thoughts on the Crew Highlighter here.

It’s clear that you guys are wanting more, and as I’ve said before, I’m the kinda girl who hates to disappoint, so off I popped to my local Mac to do some more swatch and runs.

I’m blogging in my lunch break so I’ll break it down into a few seperate posts so I manage to give you a decent opinion whilst actually eating some food.

So first up lets look at the two blushes from the range.

To me both of these blushes are a bit blah! Launch Away! took at least 4 swipes before it showed up on my skin (and I’m pretty pale!) although it was a pretty flushed colour once blended. As for Fleet Fast it was just too brick coloured for me to ever pull off. Obviously this is just my personal opinion based on my skin colouring though, so you might like these.

They are both still available on the Mac website for £18.00 each.

What’s your favourite piece from the Hey, Sailor! collection?

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