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Mac Hey, Sailor! Collection Lipstick Swatches

If you’re still not sold on the latest Mac collection, Hey, Sailor! worry not. I’ve swatched some of the collection to help you decide which items deserve a seat at the captain’s table and which should be thrown back to sea. So far I’ve covered off the Powder Blushes and the Crew Highlighter so take a peek if you’ve … Continue reading

Mac Hey, Sailor! Crew Highlight Powder Swatch

Usually I’m not keen on swatch and runs as I like to think that if I’m going to write about a product I’m pretty passionate about it and part of that passion is demonstrated by buying the product. Unfortunately today, that’s not the case. Well actually I set out with good intentions. Having given up all … Continue reading

Weekend Wants

Can you tell we’ve just booked a ski trip for January? Thought not! Westbeach Lady Racer Ski Jacket | Jeffrey Campbell Litas in Buttermilk Suede | Mac Hey Sailor Highlighter | Elan Insight Fusion Skis