Decisions, decisions… 18 and East Plate Print Dresses

Recently I stumbled across 18 and East, an independent womenswear brand inspired by the vibrant music, fashion, blog and film scenes in and around East London. A quick look at their website led to me do my usual thing of filling my shopping cart full of beautiful clothes only to then leave it abandoned long enough for it to time out. My purse can breathe a sigh of relief ;)

Unfortunately there were two items that weren’t so easy to shift. The Cut Out Back Shirt Dress and the Gathered Detail Dress which I featured in my Weekend Wants last week.

L-R Gathered Detail Dress, Cut Out Back Shirt Dress

Usually in such situations I’d just buy them both and have done with it, but as you can see they both feature the same whimsical plate print, so it’d be a little odd to own them both.

So dear reader I need your help, which should I go for?

3 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions… 18 and East Plate Print Dresses

  1. I really like the shirt dress with cut out back detail – as I think it is different from the run of the mill dresses like the left hand one – you like to set trends and I think the right hand one will suit your figure and look fab
    But then I am bias as I love you in all your outfits ha ha
    love mum x

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