Walking the Golden Gate Bridge

This time last week I donned my scarf and blazer and hopped on the muni to the Golden Gate Bridge. Rach and I were a tad hungover after our work holiday party so we decided the best cure was a walk along the bridge.

I’m always a little apprehensive when visiting iconic landmarks as so often I find the hype far exceeds the reality. Thankfully the Golden Gate Bridge is just as magical and awe-inspiring as it is in the pictures.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge USA travel touristDown by the bridge…

It was bitterly cold but the beautiful blue skies and sunshine made it easy to overlook the fact our fingers were turning blue.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge USA travel tourist

It isn’t possible to walk along the sidewalk without being in awe of the majesty of the bridge and I found myself stopping every couple of steps to take more pictures. Whilst we were walking we witnessed a couple getting engaged. It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place to promise to spend the rest of your life with someone.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge USA travel tourist

The views from the bridge are absolutely breathtaking and just made me love the city even more. I mean how could you not love this view?

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge USA travel touristI’m not fat, I’m just well wrapped up…honest!

In the interests of fairness we just had to take a few pictures from the other side too.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge USA travel tourist

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge USA travel tourist

Sadly on the walk back we discovered the darker side to the bridge. Whilst many people have a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge on their “things to do before you die” list, for some, the bridge is their means to an end which has earned the bridge the distressing accolade of top suicide spot in the world. I don’t want to make this post into something it’s not but leaning over the railings with the wind in my hair it’s hard to ignore how easy it is for those seeking an end to the pain to climb over that 4ft railing and plunge into the choppy waters below. I personally don’t understand why more hasn’t been done to prevent the needless deaths of those in need and don’t buy into the argument that those looking to commit suicide will do it anyway. It’s been proven time and time again that often the act of suicide is one of impulse and that by installing a suicide prevention barrier you can curb that initial impulse. Sure it might not save everyone, but surely it shouldn’t be so easy to choose to end your life? If you feel the same you can sign the petition to build a suicide prevention barrier at the Golden Gate Bridge here.

On that sobering note…here’s one final picture of the beautiful bridge.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge USA travel tourist

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