Review – Flash.On Nails*

I’m forever lusting over the stunning nail art some of my fellow beauty blogger manage to achieve and wishing I could replicate them. Unfortunately no matter how detailed the tutorial I just never manage to recreate their beautiful designs as I’m just so mal-coordinated when it comes to painting my nails that I only just manage to paint my right hand!

Thankfully the lovely folks at Flash.On nails got in touch to tell me about their fantastic concept of printing any design, image or photo on to false nails, meaning I never need to worry about my poor manicure techniques again.

When it came to ordering my nails the only issue I faced was deciding what to have printed on them. Eventually I settled with this wonderful galaxy image.

Galaxy image printHere’s the same design applied to the nails. Admittedly it’s not quite as detailed as the above image but it is pretty close.


The set comes with 20 nails in 10 sizes which I really like as it means I’ll easily be able to find nails that fit mine perfectly. They also include a nail glue for apply the nails and a top coat which helps the design last longer.

Flash On Nails Customised False Nails ManicureThe customised nail sets cost £9.95 which I think is great value for something so unique. I haven’t yet applied the nails so can’t comment on wear time as my own nails are super brittle and damaged right now but as soon as mine are in better condition I’ll whack them on and show off how they look.

What do you think? Do you like the idea of customised false nails?

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