Review – REN Clearcalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask*

REN Clearcalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask Box Review Skincare BlemishExcuse the slightly battered box on this one, my postie was clearly having a bit of a bad day when he delivered this little package. Anyway, I’ve been using REN’s Clearcalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask* for a few months now and thought it was about time I shared my thoughts with you.

When the kind folks at REN heard my skin was having a bit of a meltdown they were quick to offer to send the Clearcalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask to help get my skin back on track. I’d heard such great things about REN‘s skincare that I leapt at the chance to try out this reassuringly named mask.

REN Clearcalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask Bottle Review Blemish ProneWith a bit of trial and error I’ve sussed out there’s more than one way that this can be used to help my skin to get back to its best. When my skin is in panic station mode I will lather this on after a shower once a week to instantly reduce redness and help soothe my skin. There are some days though when my skin is generally in good order aside from a small blemish or two, on those occasions I’ll just pop this on the spot for 15 minutes before rinsing it off.

REN Clearcalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask Open Review Blemish Prone SkincareScent-wise it has a strong herbal scent that I personally liked but I can imagine some will find overpowering, particularly if you’re not a fan of Lavender, but that’s probably my only words of caution as I’ve found this mask fab at giving my skin a boost in its hour of need.

I can’t speak for those with acne prone skin, but if you suffer from the occasional breakout this mask is great for reducing blemishes without drying out or irritating your skin.

Are you a fan of REN? What are your favourite products?

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