PR 101: MUA and How Not To Use Social Media

It’s no secret that I am was a huge fan of MUA and their great quality products and cheap and cheerful prices but recently it’s begun looking like their products come with a much bigger cost. I kept relatively quiet during their 50% off sale despite being one of the many, many customers who had payment issues. Nearly a month after my payment was taken a rather battered looking package arrived with my items. I had originally planned to blog about what I had purchased but began to feel a bit uneasy about MUA as a company after seeing how they dealt with their customers during their sale and decided against promoting them any further on my blog.  Afterall I want to feel confident that you guys will have a great experience with any of the brands and products I recommend.

Since then I’ve continued to be surprised by their online conduct. The days of Social Media being a neat little add on to a business are long gone, these days you should be prepared to stand by anything you say online in the real world and if you can’t do that don’t put it online in the first place!

Last night they announced on their Facebook page that make-up artist Karla Powell had left the company and had no further connection with the company. I immediately wondered what had happened as it’s one thing to say someone has left the company but to publicly cut all ties with them seemed a little odd.

You can see the facebook post below.

MUA ONEimage from Raspberrykiss

I needn’t have wondered for very long though because as soon as that post had gone live, another “announcement” was posted by the apparant “brains” behind MUA, Mr MUA. The full announcement is screen grabbed below, but the gist of it was they were calling out someone who used to work for them for letting them down when they gave them a much needed break. You don’t have to Sherlock Holmes to work out who Mr MUA is referring to.

MUA TWOimage from Raspberrykiss

There has since been a rather half-hearted apology from Mr MUA but frankly for me the damage has been done and I won’t be purchasing or reviewing any further MUA products until they learn to act like a professional company instead of airing their dirty laundry online.

What are your thoughts on how MUA have been conducting themselves of late?

4 thoughts on “PR 101: MUA and How Not To Use Social Media

  1. Last night when I saw what happened I was disgusted to see what Mr Mua had written, so like many others I posted on their wall saying that it was unprofessional and I was disappointed in them and I have now been blocked from both MR MUA and MUA facebook page. I am disgusted! They wont be getting any of my money again!

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