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PR 101: MUA and How Not To Use Social Media

PR 101: MUA and How Not To Use Social Media

It’s no secret that I am was a huge fan of MUA and their great quality products and cheap and cheerful prices but recently it’s begun looking like their products come with a much bigger cost. I kept relatively quiet during their 50% off sale despite being one of the many, many customers who had payment … Continue reading

Ford’s bluetooth is knot to be forgotten

Hate the way your earphones and other cables get tangled when you leave them loose for 5 minutes? Sadly I’m not here to offer a solution, however I am loving the latest advertising campaign from Ford set to highlight the perks of using it’s bluetooth technology. Fords clever twist (pun intended) on a situation most … Continue reading

“Happiness Machine” coming to a campus near you?

Ever wanted more from you’re college vending machine? Well now Coke brings you the Happiness Machine. This nifty little video shows what happens when Coke planted a special vending machine in the middle of a college campus – well that’s one way of getting attention I guess!