Flat Iron, Soho – My New Favourite Lunching Haunt

Last week I had to head to London for a lunch meeting. Usually I leave it down to someone else to choose where but on this occasion there was no escaping making a decision. It was a tough call. Lucky Chip had just opened Lucky Fried Chicken and I seem to be the only person yet to have eaten at MeatLiquor so they were both strong contenders, then I remembered Rosie mentioning Flat Iron to me and it seemed like a no-brainer where we should go.

Flat Iron Restaurant

Flat Iron is situated just off of Regent Street on Beak Street and was surprisingly easy to find. Despite their no reservation policy we had no trouble with getting a table on a Friday lunch time without any waiting at all. The decor is simple with a hint of abattoir; I can’t say I ever thought I’d describe anything as having a “hint of abattoir” but that’s the only way I can think to describe it. Don’t worry, the pictures should explain it better.

Flat Iron Cutlery steak london soho restaurant review

If you’re indecisive this is a great place to come as the menu is just so simple. There’s just one steak on the menu, the flat iron steak and then a small selection of sides and sauces. Occasionally they do offer specials, when we were there the special was a wagyu sirloin steak.

Flat Iron Beef Dripping Popcorn london soho steak restaurant review Food Menu

Instead of bread Flat Iron provide you with a mug of Beef Dripping Popcorn to snack on whilst you’re waiting for your meal. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you this stuff is AMAZING. It’s salty and meaty and just so moreish. What’s not to love?

Flat Iron Beef Dripping Popcorn london soho steak restaurant reviewI opted for the flat iron steak, whilst Andrew went for the wagyu sirloin steak. For sides we went with two portions of dripping cooked chips and some market greens. Both steaks were succulent and in my opinion, easily comparable to the sort of steaks you’d expect to find at Gaucho. If I were being picky I’d say the flat iron steak was a little on the small side, but for £10 you can hardly complain too much.

flat iron steak restaurant soho review londonJust looking at this makes my mouth water!

In my eagerness to stuff my face I stupidly forgot to get snaps of the sides. The chips were crisp and super tasty. All in all we had a really great lunch and it came to under £40 for 2 steaks, 3 sides and 2 cokes each, not bad for the best steak I’ve had in ages!

flat iron steak lamps decor restaurant reviewIf you’re in the area I’d definitely recommend giving Flat Iron a try.

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