Review – Skin79 VIP Gold Collection Super + BB Blemish Balm Cream

Skin79 VIP Gold Collection BB Box

I’ve been dabbling with BB creams for a while, ever since I received my Dr Jart+ Water Fuse sample from Sephora, and then consequently purchased it before I head back to the UK (which I reviewed here), but nothing has really stood out as being a must have item. Nothing that is until I found Skin79. I can’t remember how exactly I discovered Skin79, I think I started by searching BB Creams on eBay and then having spotted Skin79 was pretty cheap and a Korean brand I took to google to find out more. A few reviews later I took the plunge and ordered my first one, from RubyRuby76 on eBay. Alongside all the Skin79 BB creams (which there are a lot of!) she also stocks Missha, Etude House, Skin Food and Dr Jart to mention a few so it’s well worth taking a peek if you’re looking to try a Korean BB Cream oh and the shipping was surprisingly speedy given she’s based in Korea.

Skin79 VIP Gold Collection BB Bottle

Anyway, on to the review. I’ve been using the VIP Gold Collection Super + BB Cream from Skin79 for several months, only switching now Winter is upon us and my skin has become more temperamental. This was the only product I used on my face all Summer, taking me from V Festival to a full days sailing and even our engagement photo shoot without so much as a slip.

Skin79 VIP Gold Collection BB Bottle Back

It comes housed in a sturdy gold cylinder with a pump. Whilst this looks great on the dressing table, from personal experience I found it was a bit of a pain trying to work out how much of the product was left and when I should order a new one. My other concern was when it came to travelling and whether anything pressing on the pump would cause the product to spill out. In seems this was something I needn’t have worried about, as despite how I pack my transparent baggie for flights (think crammed to bursting!) not once was this an issue.

Skin79 VIP Gold Collection BB Bottle lid pump

The product itself has a slightly grey tinge to it when initially pumped out, but once on your skin this disappears, though I imagine if you have darker skin this may leave a grey cast to your skin tone. I found this left my skin slightly greasy the first few times I used it but after that it was fine. I’m not sure whether this was because I was using less product or whether my skin adapted to it after a few uses, but either way this wasn’t a problem in the end. I was also somewhat surprised by how good the coverage was and rarely required concealer as I found the BB cream covered all my skin’s little foibles well.

Skin79 VIP Gold Collection BB swatched unblended


Skin79 VIP Gold Collection BB swatched unblended swatched blended


It protects from both UV A and UV B rays and offers SPF 25 protection. It also promises Wrinkle Improvement, of which I didn’t notice, but I’m only 25 so this isn’t a major concern of mine right now. The final thing it offers is Whitening properties, but don’t be alarmed, all this means is it’ll brighten your complexion and even out any blemishes or dark spots, rather than bleaching the skin.

For me this is the ideal tinted moisturiser with benefits, providing my skin but better results. The only thing that lets it down in my opinion is that I find it doesn’t compliment my skin so well once I become all pale and pasty in the Winter, but for Summer it’s definitely the only product I’d reach for. I’m not certain I’ve found my HG BB Cream just yet, but this one comes pretty damn close.

Have you tried any Korean BB Creams? I’d love to hear which ones you rate.

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