Honeymoon: The BodyHoliday, St Lucia – First Impressions

When deciding on our honeymoon we struggled to find somewhere that ticked all our boxes. First and foremost we wanted somewhere relaxing, figuring that after nearly two years of planning we would need a well earned rest once the main event was done. Unfortunately  though I have a short attention span, and being someone who can barely handle a week off work before boredom sets in, we knew we’d need something with a little excitement to keep us entertained.

We also knew we wanted a once in a lifetime experience and figuring our honeymoon was the one and only excuse to have a no-expense spared trip. So when the first travel brochure we picked up fell open on The BodyHoliday we were amazed at how many boxes this one place ticked. In fact Mike said “if someone was making a honeymoon just for us, this would be it!” high praise indeed!

Based on the Cariblue Beach in St Lucia, this all-inclusive luxury resort promises to give you back your mind if you give them your body for a week. As part of our package we’ll get a daily  50 minute spa treatment, spanning from your usual facials and massages to hydrotherapy and a Lucian Lime and Ginger Body Scrub – Bliss! And to sate our adventurous side we’ll be able to scuba dive, sail and learn circus skills!!! Let’s just hope the only clown around is Mike!

We’ve also spied a few paid-for treatments we’re quite keen to try, namely the Abhyanga – Two Handed Ayurvedic Massage for me and both the Shirodhara and Chi Nei Tsang treatments for Mike – best get saving those pennies!

Usually with 9 months to go before a holiday you’d pay the deposit and then forget about it, but not with The BodyHoliday! Not only did they send us a DVD of what we can expect at the resort, they also provided us with personal logins so we can start planning what treatments we’d like right now. Exciting! I’ve sent a few messages through their message centre and have to say  our holiday consultant, Genella has been amazing so far. If this is any indication of the treatment we’ll receive whilst we’re away we might never come home!

Whilst I personally can’t review the actual resort until next year, I have managed to persuade the lovely Tara Clark to write a review of her time at The BodyHoliday when she returns, so watch this space! If you can’t wait why not head over to TripAdvisor who have over 800 reviews on the place.

Have you been to The BodyHoliday or St Lucia in general? We’d love to hear if you have.

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