A Little Splash of Summer on a Cloudy Day – Dessy Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

With less than a year to go until the big day I’m suddenly panicking about all the “it can wait” tasks I’ve pushed to one side during our wedding planning. Which is why I find myself looking at summer dresses in the throes of Autumn and also why I’m shunning the grey skies that Autumn brings for the bright colours of Summer, in particularly these babies…

From the beginning the girls and I have had a clear vision of what we all want out of the bridesmaid dresses. For me, I want everyone wearing maxi dresses so I don’t end up having a melt-down when I can’t find the perfect shoe for four very different bridesmaids. To be fair, their demands were few, I think as the first to marry out of our group they just plan to bide their time with the payback if I do dress them in something truly hideous ;)

Recently I’ve been truly rubbish at posting, so I thought it’d be nice to share with you our first bridesmaid dress picks all from the wonderful guys at Dessy.

Dessy Bridesmaid Style 2732

Dessy Collection Style 2831

Lela Rose Style LX160

After Six Style 6525

Dessy Collection Bridesmaid Style 6525

I just love how many colour ways are available at Dessy, which hopefully means I’ll be able to find a colour or range of colours to suit all my girlies.

Which dress do you prefer?

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