Budget Wedding Buy: Bistro Bleu Heart Shaped Slate Chalkboard

Patience is usually not a virtue I possess, though it seems on this occasion I may have managed it. You see last year I trekked to every Boots imaginable on the hunt for the heart shaped chalk boards that were part of their annual Christmas 3 for 2 giftathon. Eventually I resigned myself to the fact that they were not to be and tried to put them to the back of my mind. This tactic worked right up until the point I walked into Boots on my lunch break and spied them as I made my way to the sandwiches. Well you can guess what happened next…

Ta Dah!!!

The Bistro Bleu Heart Slate Chalkboard retails for £8.00 each but are part of the Christmas 3 for 2 range which made all three just £16.00.

I also spied these little gems which would be perfect as table numbers or name settings. My bank account will be please to know I resisted these, but they’re still cute nonetheless and would be ideal for a rustic themed wedding.

Each set contains six pint-sized slate hearts and retailed at £10.00 per set.

Have you found any budget goodies for your big day?

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