The Weekend According to Cleo


Mum says most of you already know me but for those that don’t, I’m Cleo, the slightly furrier and definitely cutest member of the Godley household.

I often like to warm my paws on Mum’s laptop whilst she’s working, so she suggested I should put my toasty paws to good use and give mogging a try.

When it comes to travelling, I’m your cat. Mum and Dad won’t let me outside on my own because I’m not Sensei Bull which is silly as I’m a cat, but I don’t mind too much as they always take me travelling with them.

This weekend we went to visit Grandma. Dad said as I was being good I could sit on his lap whilst Mum drove, but that soon got really boring so I thought I’d help Mum with the driving instead. Dad was having none of it though and put me in my cat box, so I spent the rest of the journey singing as loudly as I could. That’ll teach him!

I spent Saturday evening playing Can I Eat It with everything and anything I could find. Mum and Dad didn’t seem too impressed! They have no idea how to have fun!

I woke up early on Sunday and set about waking Mum and Dad up by bouncing around the bed. When this didn’t work I decided to play in my litter tray. It was working well until I one of the crystals in my eye. Boy did it hurt! I tried to get it out with my claws but just couldn’t reach. This got Mum and Dad out of bed and soon they were rushing around dialing lots of numbers and complaining that 24 hour service clearly didn’t apply before 8am. Finally Mum spoke with someone who made her happy and I was soon being rushed out the door with my lead on.

I soon realised this wasn’t going to be a fun trip as we arrived at a clinical smelling room and were greeted by a man in white who promptly started prodding at my sore eye. He then got a big metal stick and tried to put it in my eye. I don’t know who he was but he was clearly crazy if he thought he could put anything else in my eye so I bit him. Mum and Dad apologised to HIM…can you believe it? He should have said sorry to me! Madness!

He mentioned something about a puff of air which Mum and Dad agreed to and then went and put me in a cage. I don’t know what happened next as I fell asleep, but when I woke up my eye magically felt better. So we got back in the car and headed back to Grandma’s as Dad grumbled about how expensive I am. I don’t know what he means!

After tucking into some well-earned breakfast Dad mentioned they were going to spend the day out on the yot. I don’t know what a yot is but it sounds a bit like yoghurt which is my favouritest food in the whole wide world! I even like it more than fish, and I like fish a lot! Mum wanted to take me with her but Dad said no. He’s no fun sometimes.

Mum kindly took pictures. This is what a yot looks like apparently. It definitely doesn’t look as tasty as yoghurt, or fish!

And here’s a picture of Grandma on the yot. She looks happy, I don’t think she’d seen the clouds behind her!

Dad decided he’d do some fishing whilst they were out. He must have heard I’m the best fish catcherer in the whole wide world and that’s why he didn’t want me to come.

Look at the concentration on his face…

But it paid off as he caught two little fishies for my tea…

Closely followed by a third little fishie! Nom nom nom!

I couldn’t believe it when Mum told me what Dad did next. He only went and put my tea back in the sea as they were baby fishies! Can you believe that? So no fishies for Cleo it seemed…until…

Dad caught a giant mackerel. That could feed Cleo for days, or just one BIG meal. Yum! This one he didn’t put back in the sea. The weather then got bad so they had to rush for shore, but not before Mum took a picture of the rainbow that had appeared.

Mum and Dad headed home detouring to take some pictures of the rainbow. Mum says second to me and Dad, rainbows are the prettiest things in the world.

I bet there’s some tasty rabbits in that field!

Finally they arrived home and introduced me to supper…

Unfortunately I had to share my supper with the humans, but it was still very yummy!

After such a busy weekend I had to have a super long snooze in Mum’s arms.

If you liked my first try at mogging please let Mum know so she lets me have another go.

Cleo x

2 thoughts on “The Weekend According to Cleo

  1. Hi Cleo, grandma number two here, I think you had a wonderful adventure and would love to see more moggings – try not to get anymore in your eyes as mummy and daddy don’t have a mortgage for you lol
    love Grandma jo x

  2. This is ace!!! I miss Cleo!!! And, I suppose her mum and dad… It’s a funny spelling of ‘yacht’, but Cleo is a cat, so she’s done well to write all this!! Ahahaha ;)
    Would definitely read more of Cleo’s adventures if she had another go at mogging!!! xxx

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