5 tips to stop you missing out at The Outnet sale

I woke up this morning with a cracking headache and the world spinning faster than Charlie Sheen can acquire Twitter followers. I wish I could say this was due to an over zealous attempt to celebrate my birthday yesterday but sadly I seem to be harboring a nasty head cold which has rendered me useless.

Which is why it wasn’t until 12pm that I realised The Outnet’s up to 80% off sale started today.

So I grabbed my iphone, settled myself on the sofa with a lemsip and set about nabbing myself some designer goodies.

An hour later I was bored and frustrated at discovering everything I wanted had either sold out before I’d logged on or had just been snagged as I clicked checkout. So I’ve decided to write up the top 5 tips to avoid missing out during The Outnet’s sale.

So number 1 on my list is…Be Prepared.

Now I don’t mean grabbing the nearest cub scout and building a camp fire, what I mean by this is make sure you have the right equipment. It sounds obvious but if you wanna get your hands on those bargains you’re going to need a decent Internet connection and a PC or laptop.

I suspect my downfall at the sale was down to trying to buy with my iPhone, but we’ve just moved house and BT don’t seem to understand how vital their service is at times like these, so it was my only option.

On the plus side, the mobile site is slick and was a pleasure to use for the most part.

2. Know what you want.

It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind with the wind, but when The Outnet sale arrives it pays to do your homework and know what you’re looking to buy.

Trust me, even the most strong-willed fashionista’s will struggle to hold their will with so many fab bargains just waiting to find a home.

It sounds boring but make a list and stick to it, well at least until you’ve bagged the things you want.

3. Know your size.

Another obvious one but many designers have different size guides so it’s worth knowing what sizes you are. I learnt the hard way that nipping off to check what size you are could cost you that fantastic Alice for Temperley dress.

4. Hit the sales early.

Hate early mornings but love that Alexander McQueen dress? You know what you need to do. Get in some practice for when the clocks spring forward on Sunday and set the alarm for an hour early and make that dress yours!

And finally, if you’ve followed these tips and have a basket brimming with designer goodies, Don’t Procrastinate!

There is nothing worse than getting to the checkout to watch a little message suggest you add your items to the wish list as they’ve just sold out, so get in there and get to the checkout…pronto!

And if you do find yourself suffering from buyers remorse when your confirmation comes through, fear not, there’s always the returns policy!

So take a deep breath, get your debit card at the ready and click here

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