My Big Juice Spring Clean Diary – Day 2 & 3

So sorry for the delay on my day 2 post, tetchy Tuesday left me so tired I was crawling into bed as soon as I’d had my last juice of the day. On the whole I didn’t find Tuesday too bad. Jason had warned us of withdrawal headaches and whilst by mid-afternoon I had a dull ache I think this was more due to tiredness than anything else.

Ruby Tuesday was another firm favourite of this week’s juices and one I have no doubt I’ll be making again once the week is over. Another juice that took me by surprise was the Ginger Shot which has actually become quite a pleasant wake up each morning.

As for today, I’ve had a really good day. I loved both juices and felt a lot more energised, though I’m not sure whether that was more psychological as I know I’m now over half way through.

I was feeling so good that I even went to a colleagues leaving lunch and happily sat supping my juice whilst everyone else tucked into pub lunch. So proud to have resisted temptation!

I honestly can’t believe how bearable I’ve found the Big Juice Spring Clean so far and am feeling so chuffed with myself for reaching the final stretch. I’m not going to lie, the first day was pretty grim but I think that was more because my body was expecting food than anything the detox was doing to me.

For anyone reading this and considering taking part Jason is keeping all the videos live next week so you still have a chance to get involved!

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