Ski-centuals – Men’s Skincare from Niven & Joshua*

When the folks at Niven & Joshua heard I was putting together a series of Ski-centuals posts they kindly offered to send me through some products from Polaar, a mens skincare brand, for my male guinea-pig aka. Mike, to review whilst we’re away.

Niven Joshua Polaar Mens Skincare Hand Cream Moisturiser

Polaar is the first skin care range for men based on Polar active ingredients. Daniel Kurbiel, founder of Polaar discovered the resilient properties of Arctic and Antarctic plants whilst on a range of expeditions and then took that knowledge to create a bespoke range of male grooming products that cater to the specific needs of the male skin. None of their products contain alcohol, parabens or mineral oils to guarantee maximum effectiveness and purity and what’s more, all their packaging is fully recyclable.

Polaar Men Hydraprotect Moisturiser UV Plus Niven Joshua Ski Skincare

They sent me the Hydraprotect UV+ Moisturiser which aims to protect the skin from the damages of pollution, stress and exposure to the sun. Mike has already begun using it but we won’t post a full review until we’re back from putting it through it’s paces on the alps.

Polaar Extreme Care Intensive Hand Cream Men Skincare Ski Niven Joshua

They also sent the Extreme Care Intensive Hand Cream which we’ll both be trialling whilst we’re on the slopes to see if it keeps our hands soft and smooth. Don’t you just love a chance to steal Men’s skincare products? ;)

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