US Wishlist #2 – I want candy!

This time next week I’ll be on my way to San Francisco. That in itself is pretty exciting, as San Francisco is my favourite place in the States, but it also means a long overdue opportunity to shop and grab the things I can’t get back here in England.

My first wish list showed you my top picks from the beauty powerhouse, Sephora. Next up is my favourite candy picks from Walgreens.

If you’re not heading to the states anytime soon you can get all your favourite US candy from Cyber Candy.

2 thoughts on “US Wishlist #2 – I want candy!

  1. Thanks for following my blog! BTW – My fiance is a recently-relocated Brit and every time he goes home he has to lug breakfast cereal, beef jerky, and Apple products back with him. He can’t believe how inexpensive everything is here!

    • Haha I travel to the states several times a year and am forever bringing back a suitcase worth of treats for friends and family here. I’m forever amazed with how cheap everything is out there, it’s great :) x

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