I left my heart in Beverly Hills…

Sorry things have been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently. It’s been a busy few weeks, seeing me head to LA for a brief visit before I road tripped halfway across the country to spend a blustery two weeks in Cornwall and that’s not the end of it, as Saturday sees me jetting off to Germany for a few days.

In the meantime I thought I’d share with you some of the pics from my trip to LA.

Pre-breakfast pool lounging!

Topiary Triceratops, Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier, LA

My first ever Corndog! (excuse the blur my iPhone refused to focus on the food!)

Footprints in the sand…

 Just beautiful!

3 thoughts on “I left my heart in Beverly Hills…

  1. Honey with those photos – I too would leave my heart there, followed by my body, luggage and enough money to stay for at least a month lol!
    Fabulous pics – nice you got to kick back for a change x x x

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