Weekend Wanderings: Let’s go fly a kite….

Can you believe it’s Thursday already? I’m really going to have to get better we these timely posts.

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you a bunch of photos from our extremely busy bank holiday weekend. We were due to head out on the yacht for what would have been our last sail of the season but Saphir had other ideas after her electrics failed, rendering us at a loss as to what to do with our Sunday. Fortunately it was the Southsea Kite Festival so we hopped in the car and headed out to watch some kites.

I have fond memories of the kite festival as my love of all things aerial (except blimps!) made it an obvious day out for my parents when I was growing up. Sadly in recent years it’s become much less about the kites and more about the fun fair which makes for a much shorter day out, but they still sell swirly ice creams over on the pier so it’s not all bad.

Three little frogs

One for Cleo!

The Spinnaker Tower with a collection of colourful characters

A rainbow of kites

What did you do over the bank holiday weekend?

One thought on “Weekend Wanderings: Let’s go fly a kite….

  1. Such a shame that it was not how you remembered it honey – as it used to be a lovely day out and you and your dad used to get excited by it all – so much so you both had to have a two stringed stunt kite each so you could be like the others there – don’t remember much flying being done but there was a whole lot of laughing at you both trying lol!
    Fabulous photos though, at least it shows the essence of the day x

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