Weekend Wanderings – Cowes Week 2012 Sunday Sailing

I’m  a post-sailing wreck. My shoulder still aches, my knee is grazed and one of my thighs resembles the colour of a lobster despite copious amounts of aftersun but after all this I still have the biggest grin on my face and it’s Wednesday now! I would blame my delayed weekend wanderings post on my aforementioned state, but in truth the delay is far more to do with me taking my time to upload my pictures rather than any aches and pains. From now on I’ll try to get these posts up before Wednesday :)

There’s nothing like being out in the ocean, feeling the wind whip through your hair as waves splash at your toes (or shoulders!). I find I’m never more at ease with myself and my thoughts than when I’m out to sea, even after tacking several times in quick succession or ending up spread-eagled across the deck starboard when I’m meant to be port side and all because I decided to save a glove that was destined for the fishes (true story!). Which is why on Sunday we leapt at the chance to head over to Cowes and get our slice of the action.

Here is a little slice of our day…

The view from our mooring.

Captain Mikey and what is quickly becoming his sailing jumper.


My bargainous striped wellies from Matalan (£12)

View from the sea.

View from my seat.

How did you spend your weekend?

One thought on “Weekend Wanderings – Cowes Week 2012 Sunday Sailing

  1. Honey you sound like u had a near escape with your glove lol – fantastic photos loved Captain Mike and we love your wellies x x x

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