Horsing Around – A day in the New Forest

Recently I’ve felt like I’m going through a bit of a quarter-life crisis. Before anyone panics (yes Mum I’m looking at you!) this isn’t the sort of crisis that leads me to do something stupid, more that I seem to be re-evaluating my life and questioning all kinds of stuff, including my up-coming wedding. At some point (don’t ask me when) things began to fall apart in my relationship and whilst I’m not about to go into the ins and outs on my blog, I can say it’s been a bit of a tough time all round, but I’m hopeful it’ll get better with time. I guess less dramatic people would probably call it getting cold feet, but quarter-life crisis suits me just fine :)

Anyway, after the drama of the weekend and my ongoing chest infection/antibiotics still making me feel crap I decided to take some time out from work. Thankfully I have a super awesome boss whom I could confide in who was totally fine with me taking off for a few days to sort my head out.

So with my time off approved I set off for the New Forest to clear my lungs and my mind of everything that had been going on. As a country girl born and bred and a lover of horses since before I could walk, there is no greater place to be.

With my beloved camera in hand I cycled through the countryside in search of ponies I could fit in the car. Sadly none were agreeable to my plans, but I did get a few pretty pictures of the day and am already plotting my attendance at one of the auctions to make one of these chaps my own.

This little chap was first to catch my eye with his stunning colourings but he turned out to be quite a shy little thing, so I left him be.

Pony cuddles!

The cutest lil dude! I named him Bracken…obviously!

Whatcha lookin’ at?

The cutest little foals.

Coming in for a closer look!

Just foalin’ around…

Where’s your favourite place to get away from it all?

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