Mac Cosmetics Skincare Haul – Cleanse Off Oil & Fix+

Whilst I’ve always been a massive fan of Mac Cosmetics and their never-ending array of limited edition collections, up until now I haven’t really ventured into their skincare range. Sure there was the briefest of moments with an SPF 50 cream (don’t ask me which) bought for a first holiday with an ex which combined with the Turkish heat turned my face into a greasy mess. Around the same time I dabbled with Strobe Cream which everyone raved about but I found did absolutely nothing to my skin. After that, I kinda kept with the make up side of things.

Recently though I’ve been keen to try a cleansing oil and with my ELF mist and set spray quickly running out I thought it’d be the ideal time to give Fix+ a try too.

I’ve only used both products for one day so far so can’t possibly give a thorough review just yet, but my initial thoughts are that the Cleanse Off Oil could be my HG evening cleanser as it seems to tackle Estee Lauder Doublewear without any trouble. Fix+ however, I’m still on the fence about, but like I said it’s early days.

I’ll be reviewing both products once I’ve had a little while longer to play with them.

Which oil cleansers/fixing sprays do you rate?

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