10 things I’ve learnt whilst planning our wedding…

Sometimes I don’t have time to write long blog posts, sometimes I don’t even have time to read long blog posts so this morning I decided I would write more list posts for the time poor of you out there.

If i’d known the reality of planning a wedding seven months ago, I’d have probably said no. Ok, I jest, I’d have still said yes though perhaps opted for a more private affair….Vegas anyone?

So, here is my list of the 10 things I’ve learnt whilst planning our wedding. Note: the only order to this is the order they popped into my head.

1. To him the wedding is about marrying his one true love, to you the wedding is a chance to show what an amazing event planner you are (and marry the man of your dreams!). Just because your H2B doesn’t get excited about the fact you’ve managed to perfectly colour match the invitations to that pebble you found on the beach on your third date doesn’t mean he’s not interested in you or the wedding. It’s just the only detail that matters to him is that you’re there on the day.


2. You’re a B****zilla! No matter how rational the issue seems to you, there will come a point during the planning where someone will call you a Bridezilla. Take it with a pinch of salt, unless you’ve insisted all your bridesmaids must dye their hair to match the colour scheme or told the men of the wedding party they must get a back, sack and crack wax, in which case get help!


3. It’s a balancing act. Yes the wedding is exciting and it’ll probably definitely be the biggest day of your life, but don’t forget what got you there. It’s so easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and get swept away in the excitement of the wedding planning, so try to have a few wedding free days a week. Your H2B will thank you for it!


4. It’s ok to not feel the Wow Factor. I honestly can’t recall a time when I’ve been reduced to tears by the sight of my own reflection or an item of clothing (except for the time Mike washed my favourite silk shirt in the washing machine!), so it would be naive to think an expensive white dress would change this. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my dress, but lets not take this out of perspective. Sure some girls *know* their dress is The One the moment they set eyes on it, but don’t write it off if you don’t get all tingly about it.

5. And on that note, Dress shopping will be nowhere near as enjoyable as you imagine it to be. Imagine having only an hour to shop at Topshop. Then imagine there are 100 near identical dresses to choose from and they only stock one size. You grab a couple of dresses and head to a fitting room where you’ll try each dress on and either desperately try to hold the bloody thing up or struggle to breathe. Either way Champagne or no champagne, after the seventh time you’ve told your engagement story, you’ll be happy to leave with anything they offer you. Just don’t leave with this one.


6. But it’s two years away! It’s a year and a half actually, but hey, lets face it, anyone who hasn’t tried to organise a wedding recently probably has no idea that your venue takes bookings 3 years in advance and your favourite photographer currently has a waiting list longer than the train on your wedding dress. Just grin and bear it, safe in the knowledge of all the savings you’ve managed to negotiate with time on your side.


7. Talk, talk, talk! In an ideal world your H2B would have put a ring on it and then miraculously learnt to read your mind, alas in the real world you’ll actually need to talk to him if he’s any hope of understanding why the florist being out of stock of *insert dream flower here* is the end of the world. It’ll also help you understand why he really needs a bucking bronco at the Reception. Actually, scrap that, I still don’t get why we need a bucking bronco at our Reception?!


8. Compromise! I refer to my last point and the bucking bronco….need I say more?


9. Everyone has an opinion. It’s great that Aunt Doris managed to get married for £5 because she only had three guests, but this is your day so do what makes you both happy. There’ll be some advice that’s truly pointless, but in amongst that will be some true words of wisdom. So just smile and take it all in your stride.

10. I read on one wedding forum that a couple had changed their wedding date six times as the chosen dates wasn’t convenient for some of their friends and family, which leads me to my last point, you can’t keep everyone happy. Obviously don’t deliberately book your wedding for the same day as another big occassion, but likewise, don’t move your date to try to suit others. It’s unlikely that every single person you invite will attend, so just relax in the knowledge that those who mean the most will do all they can to be there. Same goes for food, drinks, location etc.

What have you learnt whilst planning your wedding? Let me know in the comments section.

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