New year, same old resolutions

Let’s face it, I’ve been pretty bad at blogging during 2011. It’s not that I had nothing to write about, it’s just the things I wanted to write about were also the things that were taking up my precious blogging time.

With this in mind I’ve decided to work just that little bit harder at last years resolutions and finally make them a reality (as clearly to be top of the list they must be things I want to do deep down!).

So here are my 2012 resolutions in all their glory:

1. Blog at least twice a week; schedule posts, write in my lunch hour, whatever it takes!

2. Make packed lunches for work. (I am painfully aware that I can make a decent lunch for less than £4 and now is the time to prove it!)

3. Shop less/save more! With our wedding taking place next year (yay I can finally say it!) there’s never been a better time to ditch being a shopoholic and become a saverholic.

So here’s to 2012! Whatever your new year’s resolutions let’s make this year a year to remember.

One thought on “New year, same old resolutions

  1. Congratulations and Good Luck on your resolutions, you can do it , you will eat more healthier with your home made lunch. I am very proud of you Gems’. Good luck to you and Mike. A very Happy Healthy Wealthy 2012. XX

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