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My Night-Time Routine

My Night-Time Routine

Whilst I’m not one for wearing lots of make up, the make up I do wear is rather long-lasting and as such I’m quite thorough when it comes to removing it and like to make sure every last scrap is removed before I go to sleep. It’s got so bad that Mike has actually asked … Continue reading

Mac Hey, Sailor! Collection Lipstick Swatches

If you’re still not sold on the latest Mac collection, Hey, Sailor! worry not. I’ve swatched some of the collection to help you decide which items deserve a seat at the captain’s table and which should be thrown back to sea. So far I’ve covered off the Powder Blushes and the Crew Highlighter so take a peek if you’ve … Continue reading

NOTD: Zooey Deschanel inspired Spring Manicure

When I spotted Zooey Deschanel sporting this awesome Spring manicure on instagram I just knew I had to recreate it. So here is my very own version of her Spring nails. So what do you reckon, did I do good? For this look I used the following. Nailene Perfect Tips £3.05 from Boots|Lumos Quick Drying Top … Continue reading

How to lose a guy in 10 seconds (or less!)

Picture the scene, you’ve just had the worst date ever, but being a kind-hearted kinda gal you just can’t bear to leave him feeling rejected so you decide to go psycho-crazy on his ass until he takes out a restraining order….I mean what other excuse can there be for such disturbing behaviour? So if like … Continue reading